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Getting to Grips with Information and Communications Technology
This publication looks at the fundamental issues of being a governor in an HEI. The governance of ICT is becoming increasingly important but the issues involved can be difficult and raise numerous challenges for governors.
Getting to Grips with Academic Standards, Quality and the Student Experience
This publication looks at the fundamental issues of being a governor in an HEI. Governors know their responsibilities for their HEI's financial health, but not always for the academic health and the value of the education it provides, understanding the academic risks associated with decisions and the responsibilities with regard to the student experience.
Getting to Grips with Research and Knowledge Transfer
This publication looks at the fundamental issues of being a governor in an HEI. As a governor with "ultimate responsibility" for all matters in the HEI it's essential to have a clear idea of why research and knowledge transfer are important if involved in approving and monitoring an institutional strategy in which they may play a central part.
BIS (2011) Higher education: students at the heart of the system.
White paper
The edgeless university: why higher education must embrace technology (BRADWELL, P. (2009))
The Edgeless University looks at whether this can be a moment of rebirth for universities. Technology is changing universities as they become just one source among many for ideas, knowledge and innovation. But online tools and open access also offer the means for their survival. Their expertise and value is needed more than ever to validate and support learning and research.
PA Consulting
PA Consulting works with central government, universities, colleges, schools, private sector providers, government agencies, regulators and local authorities to challenge the existing approach and improve education outcomes, with a growing focus on using technology to integrate and support learning.
National Union of Students (NUS)
Offers a number of research publications on education funding, student support and the cost of living; the student experience in higher education; student welfare and communities; and further and higher education equality and diversity issues


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