Resources: Regulation & Compliance

Bribery Act 2010 guidance
Guidance to help commercial organisations understand the sorts of procedures they can put in place to prevent bribery.
Regulatory work: Charity Commission
How the commission regulates charities, makes registration decisions and authorises changes needed to improve charities' effectiveness.
Leadership, governance and management
Effective and efficient leadership, governance and management are central to the development and sustainability of higher education.
Financial Memorandums
Model Financial Memorandum between Hefce and institutions: Terms and conditions for payment of Hefcegrants to higher education institutions
Memorandum of assurance and accountability between Hefce and institutions
Terms and conditions for payment of Hefce grants to higher education institutions,87547,en.html
HEFCW Institutional assurance
Under the Financial Memorandum between Hefcw and the Welsh Government, the Chief Executive is accounting officer for funds received from the Welsh Government and spent by universities and other bodies that receive Hefcw funds.
SFC Financial memorandum
SFC is required to put in place a Financial Memorandum (FM) with each of the institutions that it funds. The FM sets out the formal accountability relationship between SFC and institutions, and the requirements with which institutions are expected to comply in return of payment of grant by SFC.
Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA)
HESA is the official agency for the collection, analysis and dissemination of quantitative information about higher education. It publishes information on a range of subjects.
The Scottish Code for good HE governance
Offers information on the new higher education governance code for Scottish institutions.
Higher education code of governance
From the Committee of University Chairs
Guide for Members of Higher Education Governing Bodies in the UK: Incorporates the Governance Code of Practice and General Principles
This guide is aimed at governors of higher education institutions in the UK. It shares current good practice and encourages its appropriate adoption across the higher education sector. A voluntary code of practice is proposed to which, it is hoped, all institutions will either follow or be able to explain where their practices differ.
The UK Corporate Governance Code (formerly the Combined Code)
Sets out standards of good practice in relation to board leadership and effectiveness, remuneration, accountability and relations with shareholders.


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