How to use the self-assessment tool

You will be introduced to a set of statements about being a governor: what you need to know about higher education; how the governing body operates; and how to assess and respond to the environment facing your institution.

Step one involves a reflection on the key themes in governance for contemporary higher education and outlines the factors which influence how governors work; these are presented as a set of expectations and accountabilities requiring a complex range of abilities.

Step two involves checking your knowledge and skills against some 48 statements and creating a profile of where you are strongest as a governor, and where you may need to develop further. These statements and the profile are drawn from Leadership Foundation research, governance community feedback and best practice publications included in the tool.

Step three involves using your profile as a framework for conversations within your institution about ongoing development needs for you and for your board. Find out more.

To assist you, we identify components of the Governor Development Programme which may help to address gaps in your profile.